Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas

Arianna Porrone

Arianna Porrone


Arianna Porrone is a PhD student in Global Studies. Justice, Rights, Politics, at the Department of political science, communication and international relations of the University of Macerata, Italy. Awarded with a One-Year Research Grant for Doctoral Candidates (2020-2021) she has joined the research group Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas of Kiel University as a visiting researcher.
Her main research interests are political ecology, environmental justice, storytelling and the environmental humanities as well ecofeminisms and feminist critical theories. Her Ph.D research focuses on understanding power and gender dynamics in knowledge creation within the current international environmental governance realm and aims at exploring ontological pluralism as a way forward able to reconcile human and more-than-human concerns.

Keywords: Political ecology, gender and development, postcolonialism, Inter- and Transdisciplinary Research Methods




Arianna Porrone
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