Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas

Artistic Research: Photo installations by Hamburg photographer Barbara
Dombrowski with texts by Kiel geographer Silja Klepp

In summer 2018 the photographer Barbara Dombrowski travelled to the South Pacific islands of
Kiribati and Rarotonga. The journey was both the conclusion of her photographic cycle "Tropic
Ice_Dialog between Places Affected by Climate Change" and the starting point for a cycle of
spectacular installations designed to draw attention to climate change and its consequences for
culture and native people on five continents.

Portrait Frau Fischer auf Boot

The images of the Kiribati archipelago are closely linked to the research of Silja Klepp, a geographer
from Kiel. The Professor of Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Regions at Kiel University has
spent several long research stays there, where she focused on the social and cultural
consequences of climate change and examines questions of climate migration and adaptation.

Portrait Frau Portrait Familie

The exhibition shows an excerpt from the documentation of Barbara Dombrowski's journey and
Silja Klepp's personal contacts and places of research. The exhibition documents how the people
on the South Pacific islands are affected by climate change, what adaptation measures they have
taken and what strategies they are pursuing to avoid migration and to become refugees. In addition
to the photo installations, Silja Klepp's texts illustrate the challenges facing the population living with
climate change, the consequences of which, such as rising sea levels, they have contributed least to.

The exhibition "Climate Justice in Kiribati" is part of the interdisciplinary workshop "Narratives and
practices of environmental justice" at Kiel University,
which brings together about 60 international
scientists to discuss fundamental questions of environmental justice from different scientific
perspectives. The workshop is organized by Silja Klepp, Florian Dünckmann and Jonas Hein from
the Institute of Geography.

Sunset + people

At the same time, the event will be the starting signal for the new "Enjust - Network for
Environmental Justice" at Kiel University, which will form an interface between science, politics
and society in the future. Furthermore, researchers from the Geography Department, scientists from
the Department of Philosophy, the Department of Environmental Ethics, the Department of Law,
the Department of Sinology, and the Department of Political and Social Sciences will contribute to
the project and form a broad interdisciplinary research environment for the topic area.

The exhibition is intended to contribute to bringing different people into dialogue with each other in
order to exchange views on questions of climate justice.


Please follow the links to look at parts of the exhibition online:

Climate Justice in Kiribati

Mangrove Planting

Sea Walls Gone Wrong

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