Social Dynamics in Coastal and Marine Areas

Environmental Justice

The deteriorating climate and multiple environmental crises affect different demographic groups in diverse ways, creating poor health outcomes and poverty traps for billions. In many places, low-income tenants who live in the neighbourhood of busy roads are exposed to significantly higher emissions than the rest of the local population. All over the world, students and their parents are taking to the streets in order to demand effective measures against climate change, arguing for intergenerational and climate justice. In France, on the other hand, tens of thousands of people are protesting against the introduction of carbon taxes. And at a Regional Court in Germany, a Peruvian smallholder is suing the energy group RWE for threatening his livelihood with all the CO2 emitted by the company in Germany. These examples show: environmental and climate crises have arrived in our everyday lives. They raise new questions of distribution and justice that are not easy to answer and that need to be discussed with broad participation of societal actors. This is because the roadmap to more desirable futures for the many (not the few) questions everyone’s ways of life, the predominant models of development, and fundamentally challenge the existing power dynamics controlled by the few.

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History of the EnJust network for environmental justice

The EnJust network was initiated in 2018 at the Geography Department at the Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel. The founding members, most of whom are academics, include geographers, lawyers, philosophers and political scientists. As a first step, this group organised an international conference on environmental justice, which brought practitioners, artists and scientists from various disciplines to Kiel in June 2019. This conference, at which the website also officially went online, created a first analogue communication space. In the future, we hope for a lively exchange both online and offline.

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